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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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news4 at 6:00 starts now. the suspected gunman in the colorado planned parenthood shooting apparently went on a rant about politics and abortion. this is what law enforcement officials tell nbc news. meanwhile, people in colorado springs gathered for a vigil today to honor the police officer and the two civilians who were killed. nbc's leanne gregg is there as the community mourns. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: a vigil at a colorado springs church. the first of several to pay tribute to victims of a gunman
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who terrorized a neighborhood. >> you are our community, and our hearts break together for what has just happened. >> reporter: on friday, reports of shots fired near a planned parenthood office in the west side of colorado springs. when police arrived, they were met with a hail of gunfire. law enforcement sources say the shooter, 57-year-old robert lewis, armed with an ak-47 type rifle, fired into a strip mall, wounding nine and killing three. a bullet shattered ozi's windshield as he was caught in the cross fire. broken glass caused superficial injuries. he described what could have been much worse. >> he was looking directly in my face and he was aiming for my head. i could see it in his eyes. >> after a five-hour standoff, the gunman holed up inside planned parenthood finally gave up and was taken into custody. the colorado springs mayor is among those who praised first responders. >> there's no question in my mind that we could have had more victims, but for the incredible
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work of the first responders in this case. >> reporter: and now as this community mourns its loss, an investigation is under way as to what led to the shooting. because of previous threats, planned parenthood had a security plan in place, including a safe room, where some of the employees and clients hid. officials say that may have saved lives. leanne gregg, nbc news, colorado springs, colorado. crime concerns are up in the district after a violent friday night. five people were shot within 90 minutes. two men and a woman were shot on alabama avenue in southeast. two more victims shot in two other locations also in southeast. today we caught up with mayor muriel bowser who says she has been briefed on last night's violence. >> what do you say to citizens that say it's only getting worse, i'm scared to come out in the christmas season? >> actually, i don't hear citizens saying that at all. what they're saying is they love being in washington, they love shopping in washington.
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that they know there have been concentrated areas of violence and they feel pretty confident that the police will get on top of it, along with other government agencies. >> one of the people shot was critically wounded. d.c. police are investigating each and every one of those cases. four are blaming a weather system for at least 14 deaths. the storms slammed texas, oklahoma and several other states with heavy rain and icy conditions during the busy thanksgiving holiday weekend. and storm team 4 meteorologist amelia siegel joins us with more on that system and possible showers for our region. amelia? >> well, erika, it's all related. so the same system bringing us some showers as we finish off the holiday weekend. and then another round of rain for the workweek. take a look at this video. the national weather service issued ice storm warnings in the texas panhandle and central oklahoma. also, flash flood watches and warnings in parts of oklahoma, missouri, arkansas and texas. this snow coming out of wyoming from yesterday. two inches of snow there created
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dangerous driving conditions. now back here we're not talking about any wintry weather, but if you are heading out tonight and then tomorrow throughout the day, you want to have the small umbrella and rain jacket handy. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. for the most part just sprinkles moving lieu areas mainly north of the district. but scattered showers right now become a more widespread rain overnight tonight. so the rain intensity generally light in nature tonight on into tomorrow. here's future weather at 9:00 p.m. notice a little bit more widespread rain impacting the area. that includes the district. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., it's a soggy start. otherwise cloudy and noticeably cooler. this could slow travel as we will be tracking wet roads for a good portion of the day tomorrow. 1:00 still tracking areas of rain across the area. of course, we have the redskins game tomorrow, and there could be some showers around at kickoff. by 5:00, most of us are dry, but cloudy. and i mentioned the temperatures. temperatures today were in the 60s. tomorrow we'll be much cooler,
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erika. i'll have more on what you can expect for temperatures throughout the day tomorrow in your hour-by-hour forecast coming up that's in just over ten minutes. >> thanks, amelia. two cars collided near a busy shopping center in rockville this afternoon. montgomery fire sent us these pictures. this happened right near the congressional plaza shopping center, if you know where that is. four people were injured, but they are expected to be okay. and that road is back open tonight. right now, some hockey players with unbelievable stamina are entering hour nine of a 12-hour hockey game. the game started at 9:00 this morning inside the ft. dupont ice arena in southeast d.c. the players are raising money to help kids in southeast get on the ice and get off the streets. the ice arena has hockey, speed skating and figure skating programs. >> there's a lot of challenges in the neighborhood, a lot of statistics that aren't very
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positive. but we try to give them something positive to do here, and the kids turn out. the majority of our kids are from ward 7, ward 8. and we get them out and they participate. they have a lot of fun. they learn a lot of life lessons. >> that's a face mask program. so far, the game has raised $10,000. the ft. dupont ice arena has been helping kids learn to skate for the last 40 years. a disturbing discovery near a river bend. people heard a baby crying, and when deputies got to the scene, they saw an abandoned newborn girl. the child is okay burks tonight the search is on for the person who left her all alone. and find out the three things allan gross says kept him alive while he languished in a cuban jail. donald trump under fire again. this time for making controversial claims about 9/11. the republican front runner joins us on "meet the press." and ben carson faces skepticism about his foreign policy chaps
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he visits refugees. will that boost him? he'll join me from jordan. and i'll talk with the publisher of the "new hampshire union leader," perhaps the most important conservative newspaper endorsement in the country. who will they go with? you'll see it on sunday. and you can see "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 10:30 right after
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a disturbing find inside a river bend in compton, california. somebody called police after hearing a baby's cry near a bike path. deputies discovered a baby girl buried under pieces of rubble. the baby less than 48 hours old was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay. however, police need help determining the who and the why in this case of abandonment. he says he did three things every day to survive. he thought about his family. he exercised regularly. and found something to laugh at. for the first time since he was released from cuba, usaid contractor alan gross is talking about his five years in prison. gross was jailed for setting up internet connections in the communist country. the cuban government released him last december in exchange for three prisoners held in the u.s. gross will be on "60 minutes" tomorrow to talk about his experience.
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and storm team 4 tracking rain tonight and tomorrow, as well as cooler air moves in. amelia will show us just how much the temperatures will drop tomorrow and in the coming days. and it's a mixed bag when it comes to black friday sales. why some retailers are cashing in and others are seeing red.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. they are a major driver of the u.s. economy, and today you got to shop small to help out our local businesses. news4's derrick ward shows just how important small business saturday is for the bottom line. >> reporter: small business saturday. it comes at the beginning of the holiday shopping season. >> it's a really important time economically. >> reporter: since its inception five years ago, it's been a time for small businesses to put themselves into the black and trends seem to point to that happening. >> the national federation of retailers said this year that over 70% of people are going to shop small. >> reporter: and that's big news for places like old town alexandria where hundreds of businesses are participating. and east of the river in anacostia where a burgening commercial renaissance is in the making. the stretches in shaw barely recognizable from several years ago represent the best of new and existing small businesses
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coexisting. case in point, the new custom clothing shop on eighth street and just around the corner the tailor that's been here for years. competition, not really. >> we have worked with them diligently. we actually alter clothes for them. they don't do alterations, we don't do a lot of custom so it worked perfectly for us, so it's a great competition. >> reporter: there is room for innovation, too. canadi canadian-conceived business where you can get a cut and a coat at the same place is gaining a foot hold right here. one of three u.s. locations. >> we are actually -- we beat chicago's numbers in the first week of opening. so it's really amazing. >> reporter: this year small business saturday is expected to generate some $14 billion in revenue nationwide. derrick ward, news4. black friday may have some other retailers seeing red. while millions hit the malls yesterday, some experts are calling this black friday a dud. the national retail federation says nice weather like we've
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been having or storms in the midwest contributed to people staying away from the malls and more people are shopping online. and already finding good deals. >> some of those factors that go into shopping on black friday, of course, have a lot to do with what the weather is that day. and even what the deals are online or even in-store. >> and just like the black friday deals that started before thanksgiving, retailers are offering cybermonday deals right now, and through the entire weekend. boy, the weather is going to be changing. it has been very nice this weekend. but big changes in store for us. >> yeah, so we're talking about rain moving in. it's going to be a soggy start tomorrow morning and not only that, temperatures tomorrow about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than today. so here are your weather headlines. scattered showers right now. we have become a more widespread rain. overnight tonight pretty light in nature. showers tomorrow morning. we'll start to wind down during the afternoon hours. i think if you're in the d.c. metro area north and west, you'll be dry by 2:00 or 3:00
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p.m. showers hang on longer in southern maryland and the northern neck. that will lead to wet roads if you are traveling tomorrow, mainly earlier in the day. in addition, cooler air moves in overnight and sticks around as we kick off the workweek. and another round of rain for the workweek. have the umbrella handy later in the day on monday and keep it close by right on through wednesday. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. you can always download the nbc washington app if you're heading out tonight to have the radar right there in the palm of your hand. you can see some very light showers in parts of montgomery county, areas of fairfax, trying to make their way into the district. this more widespread steady rain will move into our area overnight, and tomorrow going to say the weather is having a moderate impact on your day. just because we have had such nice weather, it's going to be cooler, it will be damp and rainy if you have plans. maybe you wanted to get the tree hanging, the lights. tomorrow not cooperating so much. rain again favors the first half of the day. here's your hour by hour planner and i've also posted a planner for the next 12 hours on facebook and twitter so you can
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head to those spots and check that out. 7:00 a.m., showers for just about everybody. a temperature of 51 degrees. by 11:00 a.m., hit and miss showers across the area. so there will be some dry spots. but plenty of clouds otherwise. temperature of 49. and then look at our temperatures on into the afternoon and evening hours. we kind of hang out right around 50 degrees. by 2:00 p.m., most of us are dry except in washington, scattered showers there. 6:00 p.m., everybody dry with a temperature of 49. here's sunday travel for the afternoon and early evening hours. you can see the district, our area locally mainly dry. but we are tracking rain in parts of arkansas, missouri, texas, as well. making its way into louisiana. and then scattered snow showers in parts of colorado. for the most part overall travel should be fine tomorrow. if you're heading to the redskins game with the 1:00 p.m. kickoff, showers are possible at kickoff. but as the game gets under way, cool, dry, cloudy conditions. temperatures around 50. so that's sweatshirt weather, maybe a warmer coat. on monday, a high temperature of
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48 degrees and rain starts to make its way back into the area during the afternoon hours. at the bus stop, a nice warm jacket for the kids with temps in the 30s to 40 degrees. recess is chilly. and future weather, scattered showers especially if you're south of washington. here we are at 3:00 p.m., those showers in southern maryland. parts of fairfax, prince william and fauquier counties. on tuesday, we're tracking light showers on wednesday the potential for some moderate rain throughout the day. notice our temperatures starts to warm up a little bit. 55 for a high on tuesday. near 60 on wednesday. but again, that's accompanied with what looks to be a pretty soggy day. we'll dry out thursday, friday and saturday, erika. next weekend not looking too shabby. highs in the mid 60s both days with plenty of sun. >> all right, enthusiast amelia. still to come, it's been a magical 29 years in blackburg for frank beamer. for frank beamer. and virginia tech
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for frank beamer. and virginia tech ♪ ♪ get three payments on us and don't worry about payments until february 2016, when you lease a new 2016 xc60.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports.
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and csn's sebastian is joining us with details about frank beamer's regular game of the season. >> college football's regular season drawing to a close today. and for many of our areas that's a good thing. because this fall has been a rough one for schools like maryland, virginia and virginia tech. the latter two, uva and tech meeting this afternoon in what threatened to be frank beamer's last game ever. unless the hokies could pull out a win and get themselves bowl eligible. maybe buy beamer another month or so before retirement. london also on the hot seat. in the third, a 6-6 game. running back albert reid played in d.c., takes it 57 yards to the house. that gives uva a 13-6 edge. but tech responds right away. next drive. michael brewer on the play-action. finds sam rogers for the touchdown. we've got a tie ball game, all
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square at 13. next virginia possession, third and long. matt johns airs it out for severity. hauls it in but ruled out of bounds. that's why we've got video replay. the officials review it and get it right. it's a touchdown. virginia back up seven. but again, the hokies come right back down the field and brewer hits a wide-open isaiah for in the end zone. we're tied up again, now at 20 a piece. virginia tech would hit a go ahead field goal late, last chance. deep into triple coverage. never a good idea. picked off. frank beamer gets the win in the final regular season game and tech will head to a bowl game for the 23rd straight season. >> i've been a fortunate guy. how many guys you know that stayed in one place 29 years? and so, you know, 29 years of this, and at a place i love and is a place that my son, my daughter, my son-in-law, all got
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their degree -- i mean, i've been lucky. i've been fortunate. and i know how fortunate i've been. >> coach beamer busting out some dabbing there. switch gears to maryland. rumors swer rumors swirling about the terks' next head coach. rutgers beat the terps late last year. here is chris laviano. and rutgers scores the first points of the game. ty johnson takes the handoff, hits a hole. no one going to catch him. his second touchdown of the afternoon brings maryland within four. we go to the fourth quarter. score, 38-33, rutgers. getting the ball up the middle, outraces the entire rutgers' defense, 400 yards on the maryland. 39-38. rutgers would get a field goal. retake the lead. but here's brandon rockman going right up the gut. 173 yards rushing and three
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scores. maryland wins 46-41. all smiles for mike lockly despite a 3-9 finish for the terps. how about some high school football. out in lorton. south county stallions, third quarter, south county up 7-3. clayton to nathial avery. of 13-3 to south county. rannin son off and running. the 36-yard gain would set up a keeper for a score and cut the south county lead to 13-9. fourth quarter, robinson looking at catchup through the air. but bell with a pick six. bell transferred from robinson to south county his freshman year. how about a happy return for the senior, number 13 helps the stallions gets win number 13, hosting westfield next week in 6a north title game. let's get to college hoops. georgetown entered today 1-3. john thompson iii hosting bryant at the verizon center. first half, boys up two.
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lg peak takes it coast to coast. a game-high 20 points for the sophomore. second, turning defense into offense. reggie cameron left all alone, finds himself some space on the perimeter and nails the three. he had just nine, but georgetown at that point had a 17-point lead. late in this game, hoyas pulling away. isaac copeland finishes off the alley-oop. the hoyas win big. george washington county off to a surprising 6-0 start. this season taking on number 24, cincinnati. late in the first half, joe mcdonald spots up for three. and gw up a triple at the break. skip ahead to the final minute. bearcats by one. troy copain misses. that's a three-point lead for cincinnati. last chance for the colonials. paul yorgenson.
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gw falls for the first time this season. 61-56. the wizards and caps in action tonight. both games on our air here on csn. we'll have highlights when we see you again at 11:00. >> thanks, sebastian, we'll see you then. one final check of the weather because things are changing. >> scattered showers this evening, widespread rain overnight and showers tomorrow, especially during the first half of the day, erika. and cooler. highs only around 50 degrees throughout the day. >> all right. so if you are heading out tomorrow for church, brunch, getting things done around the house, take the umbrella. that's the news for
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on this saturday night, deadly siege. the terrifying rampage that left three people dead at a planned parenthood clinic. how those trapped inside were able to survive and what we know about the gunman. the tragedy once again putting the spotlight on abortion rights. dangerous weather. the ice, the flooding, the sw making travel treacherous this holiday weekend when millions are on the move. work in progress. one city's innovative program that offers the homeless a way to earn their way back to a more dignified life. how two brothers facing a challenge found their wirhythm in one of the most


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